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Better Sponge - Food-Grade Silicone Dish Sponge (3 PCS)

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Kitchen sponges are hotbeds of germs that can quickly become disgustingly dirty in your kitchen. Try this new silicone scrubber sponge and get a totally new experience. It is a great alternative to regular sponges, wire mesh scrubbers, textured dish clothes, etc. It is made of silicone material so it provides gentler scrubbing than things like steel wool without damage. Though it is softer than the traditional scrubber but those little soft brittles are capable of cleaning the dishes, stove top, non-stick pots and pans, bath tubs, tiles, counters, make up brushes and vegetables without scratching them.

Main Features:

  • Made from SILICONE with NO smelly odor, Germ-FREE scrubber!
  • Strong enough to clean up tough, baked-on foods.
  • Bends and flexes to get deep inside glasses and corners.
  • Versatile design can also be used as a heat resistant pot holder, non-slip grip for stubborn lids, removing pet hair from furniture and more.
  • EASY to clean and sanitize.
  • Built-in suction cup lets you hang in your sink for quick drying.